The keys to understanding the French Excellence

Each year since 2009, the French Excellence Prize has distinguished companies and institutions represented by people who, through their talent, creativity and capacity for innovation, contribute to the country’s influence throughout the world.

Each year, it distinguishes ten people deemed to be the most representative of the sectors of activity in which France shines on a global scale. These sectors of activity vary from year to year in order to promote national know-how.

A bilingual Franco-English book (called the Golden Book of French Excellence) distributed around the world supports this distinction. Each year, it presents the winners distinguished for their talent, their creativity and their capacity for innovation, contributing to France’s influence around the world.

Know-how passed down from generation to generation

There are exceptional craftsmen in France who, through hard work, have risen to the top of their art. Whether they are restorers of vintage cars, pastry chefs, master glassmakers or even campanists, each of them perpetuates the tradition of companionship, often handed down orally, for generations.

The French like to see exhibitions, go to concerts, go to theaters and immerse themselves in the dark rooms of cinemas. In France, the cultural offer is very rich. When summer comes, festivals multiply across the country: an ideal way to discover French culture and conviviality. French cultural creations (films, plays, paintings, etc.) are also a showcase for this famous art of living.

Cinema a pillar of French culture

When French cinema is invited to the most precious palaces in France, from the Louvre to Versailles, and takes hold of the history of its great creators like Yves Saint-Laurent, it’s a whirlwind!

Architecture, art, fashion … The cinema is a mirror for the French culture which shines in its films. From Haute Couture parades to theatrical performances, from the crazy escapade of JR and Agnès Varda to the Louvre through the wanderings of Natalie Portman and Lili-Rose Depp in the Paris of the 1930s and the amazing festivals given in the 17th century at Versailles, the French cinema is the best ambassador of culture and major sites in the country.

Indispensable on the French table

The exceptional image that champagne has around the world contributes to its tourist frequentation. Champagne, the bearer of a strong and broad imagination associated with celebration, prestige, glamor … elements that also contribute to the symbolism of France and Paris.

Champagne star product for export

Champagne is also a benchmark drink abroad. For special occasions, it is also very popular. Moreover, a large part of the production of Champagne winegrowers is sold internationally. Delicatessens in the United States and Japan offer it. There is a real clientele for this high-end product which symbolizes par excellence the French art of living.

Maison Moët & Chandon celebrates the French Art de Vivre on the occasion of the end of the year.

For Moët & Chandon – the best-selling champagne in the world – Lonsdale has imagined a unique concept and three creations that highlight emblematic monuments of French and Champagne heritage. The Maison Moët & Chandon Orangery in Epernay, a symbol of the heritage and influence of Moët & Chandon throughout its history; the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon who was one of the first famous amateurs of the House and to whom the “imperial” name of the emblematic cuvée pays homage; and The Eiffel Tower, a jewel of French architecture and flagship of the 1889 Universal Exhibition, a nod to the conquest of new markets undertaken by La Maison in the 19th century.

Champagne Vranken

In 1978, Paul-François VRANKEN and Dominique PICHART, first cellar master, revolutionized the taste by removing the spirit of Cognac from our Champagnes giving light, modern wines, full of freshness: the Vranken taste was born and with it the taste. aperitif champagne.

The founder spoke by saying:

« There is not to like or to displease, but only to build. The first of the characteristics of the Vranken house would be to know how to handle, with dexterity, this constant mixture of innovation in the making of champagne and creativity: here is French Excellence. « 

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